Episode 2: The face of the man in debt

EVACUATE! We must evacuate! The earth trembles and, facing such tremors, terrible animals roam our corners. We must leave now! I’m sorry for the death of your father, but it’s imperative that you leave this house as fast as possible. Nothing will come of arguing who gets the keys or the turtle or the porcelain or the room in the back. No need to worry about the debt, for the fire will consume all the papers! The temperature quickly rises and our ideas are in full convulsion. Evacuate! WE MUST EVACUATE!

This episode was created in a partnership between the Brazilian group [pH2]: estado de teatro and the Colombian group La Maldita Vanidad.



Jorge Hugo Marin / Rodrigo Batista



Jorge Hugo Marin / Luiz Pimentel



Andres Estrada / Angélica Pietro / Beatriz Id Limongelli / Bruno Moreno / Ella Becerra / Juan Manuel Lenis / Maria Adelaida Palacio / Maria Emília Faganello


Light designer

Luana Gouveia


Sound designer

Rodrigo Batista



Renato Sircilli



Paola Lopes