Episode 3: The face of the country in debt


After the great catastrophe, a ship-territory approaches the devastated country and astablishes a joint reconstruction regime. The Reconstruction is welcomed with euphoria and enthusiasm while vertiginously increasing the nation’s public debt, leaving a trail of death and a permanently indebted subjective state. Five performers mobilize texts, images and historic videos to present a brief analysis of the progressist neoliberal processes in their countries.


The episode was built in a partnership between the Brazilian group [pH2]: estado de teatro and the Mexican group Lagartijas Tiradas al Sol.



Gabino Rodríguez / Luiz Pimentel



Beatriz Id Limongelli / Bruno Moreno / Gabino Rodríguez / Maria Emília Faganello / Rodrigo Batista


Light designer

Luana Gouveia



Gabino Rodríguez / Renato Sircilli


Paola Lopes