Project 85: debt in three episodes 

[ph2]:estado de teatro | La maldita vanidad | Lagartijas tiradas al Sol


Awarded with the Rumos Itaú Cultural incentive, the play is conceived off of one generational question: what have we done since 1985?

The play investigates the perception of recent history in three Latin-American countries: Brazil, Colombia and Mexico. From that, it traces a possible diagnosis about Latin America itself and the women and men that emerged in the last 30 years, with images, facts, memories and relevant themes to reflect upon private and public debt generated in those processes.
A play in three episodes. The brazilian woman in debt, the colombian man in debt and the countries in debt.

The work premiered in August of 2015 at Itaú Cultural and was then invited to participate in the II International Biennial Theater Exhibit of the University of São Paulo, also in 2015.