The rite of spring - Frames of a debt not paid

The play seeks inspiration in the famous work of Igor Stravinsky to find possible means to disappearing, through which the body in debt is transmuted into another body, free of any debt or charge. The audience follows the erratic path of this group and these bodies in their refusal of efficiency up to their sacrifice on behalf of the potency of a life free of debt. Of a life that will vanish before our own eyes. Not now, but soon. You’ll know when.


The play opened in May of 2016 at Oficina Cultural Oswald de Andrade in São Paulo.



Bruno Moreno / Renato Sircilli / Rodrigo Batista


Nicole Oliveira


Beatriz Id Limongelli / Bruno Moreno / Cainã Vidor / Luiz Pimentel / Maria Emília Faganello / Paola Lopes

Light designer

Luana Gouveia

Sound designer

Cainã Vidor


Renato Sircilli / Rodrigo Batista


Bruno Moreno / Isabella Gonçalves

Set designer

Elton Almeida

Makeup designer

Felipe Ramirez